About Shakir Moin
Because Moin brings a make-big-bets mindset to one of the world's best-known portfolios of brands. Because despite the relative maturity of the categories in which he competes, he eschews the incremental in favor of the potentially exponential, looking for ideas that can drive 10x returns, not 10% ones.
Moin and his team have shifted marketing's strategic focus from driving brand preference to a near singular effort to impact behavior, because, as he told Forbes, "behavior guarantees consumption, and consumption leads to growth." This strategic shift is complemented by a creative one, focusing o... Read More

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Oct 29, 2020

Unlocking A Post-Covid Startup ‘She-Covery’

Without adequate support and interventions, the economy will lose out not only on a critical component of the workforce, but also on the unrealized potential and job creation of prospective women and URM entrepreneurs.
Aug 9, 2020

Once Upon A Term Sheet: 5 Fairytale VC Tactics As Taught By Toddlers

Somewhere amidst the context shifting between term sheet and screen time negotiations lies a series of valuable lessons from the dealmaking prowess of young children. Step aside, Twitter and Clubhouse, as fairy tale folklore illustrates the five most effective VC tactics I learned from my toddlers.
Sep 25, 2014

Why The Des Moines Register's Awesome Oculus Experiment Flopped

If you’re one of those people who love farm journalism delivered with a healthy dose of virtual reality, this is your lucky week. Readers of the Des Moines Register, a Gannett-owned newspaper and the largest daily in Iowa, got a chance to dive into virtual reality journalism on Monday as part [...]