About Eugenia Blackstone
Because as Blackstone drives a business transformation and markets this B2B2C identity protection platform, she knows full-well that, as she told Forbes, "being different is not safe. It requires change, and change usually causes fear, (and) fear causes people to focus on a multitude of obstacles or reasons why we shouldn't change." Four years into her role as CMO, Blackstone is removing these obstacles, guiding, and building a team adept at navigating changes across the company's brand, organization, and product. She and her team are leading a brand positioning shift from a service business to... Read More

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May 24, 2024

Inside The $200 Billion Billionaire Factory

Amid private credit’s gold rush, Blue Owl is providing the “picks and shovels” for deal-hungry private equity firms. It also injects liquidity into the partnerships, minting billionaires in the process.
Feb 5, 2024

Blackstone’s $80 Trillion Opportunity

With $1 trillion in assets and unrivaled returns, the private equity giant has conquered Wall Street, but its 76-year old founder, Steve Schwarzman, isn't finished. He wants total domination overseas as well— and the firm’s crown prince, Jonathan Gray, has built an ingenious weapon targeting vast amounts of global wealth.