About Chris Brandt
Because Brandt recognizes that, inevitably, marketing won't always work as planned but equally that, as he told Forbes, it "isn't failure if we learn something."
With responsibility for overseeing global new restaurant development, brand creative, advertising, TV/digital media, social media, brand marketing, and culinary, Brandt markets knowing that in a mature and "saturated" category, continued growth requires brand visibility and top-of-mind awareness. This, in turn, requires speed and innovation. To these ends, Brandt and his team are continuously activating "small experiments" to find which... Read More

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May 15, 2024

Inside NBA Star Chris Paul's Portfolio

Having made over $300 million, the superstar athlete is approaching two decades in the NBA and, moving forward, Paul aspires to own a WNBA franchise, and at least 61 shares of energy company Chevron. Paul joined Forbes senior writer Jabari Young at the Nasdaq MarketSite to dive inside his portfolio.